Italian Goldfinger Poster Artwork

Artwork for the Italian "Goldfinger" posters attributed to Averardo Ciriello. Original version from 1964 on the left, reissue on the right. Although they are similar the reissue poster was re-painted. Does anyone know why?

Comic Book Artwork

Inside pages of the Danish comic book below.

Comic Cover Artwork

Cover artwork for issue 14 of the Danish comic  "James Bond Agent 007  -Spionen fra Ost". Artist unknown. Does anyone know what the signature is? Thanks to Soeren who traded this comic with me a long time ago, still love it.

British Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

Original set of 8 Front of House cards for "Diamonds Are Forever" from the United Kingdom
Reissue set of 8 Front of House cards for "Diamonds Are Forever" from the UK. Thanks to Simon for sharing these with me!

Goldeneye: Ian Fleming's Jamaica

"Goldeneye - Where Bond was was born: Ian Fleming's Jamaica", Matthew Parker, Hutchinson 2014. I met Matthew in my favourite bookshop Hatchard's yesterday and he kindly signed the book for me.

Swiss Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

Lobby cards for "Diamonds Are Forever" from Switzerland. Not sure if this is the complete set or not. Style-wise these are quite different from the normal lobby cards as it appears that they are the regular press stills from the movie.

Octopussy Illustration

Illustration for the Crocodile Submarine / Boat from Octopussy. Published in the British Daily Star newspaper in June 83. Thanks to Simon for sharing this.

Spanish Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

Lobby cards from Spain for "Diamantes Para La Eternidad" (Diamonds Are Forever), original set of 8 of from 1971
Reissue set of 8 lobby cards.
Mystery cards: I've found two cards with the Spabnish spelling of the title that differ from the above. Does anyone know where these are from?

Mexican Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

Mexican lobby cards for "Los Diamantes Son Eternos" (Diamonds Are Forever). Set of 8 Lobby cards. It appears that there are two different sets, see below.

Japanese You Only Live Twice Article

Illustration of Little Nellie from a Japanese  comic magazine dedicated to "You Only Live Twice".  Sadly I lost the eBay auction...

Moonraker Model Kit Artwork

Box artwork for the 1980 "Moonraker Spaceship" model kit by Airfix.

Tape Cover Artwork

Cover artwork for the US tape "14 Dynamic Hits from James Bond 007". Artist unknown.

International Diamonds Are Forever Posters

Overview of international posters for "Diamonds Are Forever". Comments and corrections welcome.
Japanese Posters ranging from the small B5 to the STB format consisting of 2 separate B2. Does anyone know what the poster on the right is?
Daybills and 1 sheets from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
Posters from Argentina, Pakistan and India. The poster from Argentina uses re-drawn artwork with an interesting resemblance of Connery. 

Censored Thunderball Quad Poster

Retouched "Thunderball" British Quad poster used in Malta. The bikinis were extended by painting over the original poster, similar to the Quads used in Ireland. Uncensored Quad as comparison below.

Thanks to Sylvan Whittingham Mason who shared the photo of the poster. She explains the story behind it in an interview with James Bond Radio Podcast, issue 13. The full interview with Sylvan is available here.

MI6 Confidential

Check out the latest issue of MI6 Confidential with rare artwork from "License To Kill". Available here.

Italian Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

Lobby cards from Italy called Photobusta for "Una Cascata Di Diamanti" (Diamonds Are Forever)
Set of 6 regular landscape photobustas.
Special set of 6 portrait photobustas. 
It appears that there two different est that look almost identical except the bottom right corner.

You Only Live Twice Posters from Thailand

Posters for "You Only Live Twice" from Thailand. The poster on the bottom measures 31x 21inch  / 79 x 54 cm. Don't know the size of the top one. 

Thanks to Thomas from the Nixdorf Collection and Mike from the M. Wright Collection for sharing these.

From Sweden With Love

Check out the upcoming James Bond event in Sweden.

Thunderball Newspaper Ad

Newspaper ad illustration from the "Holland Evening Sentinel" promoting the US version of Ian Fleming's "Thunderball" serialisation.

Thanks to Alan from Thunderball Obsessional.

German Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

Original lobby card set for "Diamantenfieber" (Diamonds Are Forever) from Germany consisting of 30 lobby cards.
UIP reissue set of 8 that were printed on one sheet with perforations to separate the cards.

Original Comic Artwork

Original painting for the cover of Scandinavian James Bond 007 comics published by Semic in 1968. Art by Jordi Penalva 50 x 35 cm. The comics shown are from Denmark (top) and Sweden (bottom). 

Thanks to Thomas from the Nixdorf Collection for sharing these.

Diamonds Are Forever: British Quad Variations

Two different versions of the UK Quad poster for "Diamonds Are Forever". Does anybody know which is original and which is the reprint?

Thanks to Simon for bringing this up!

European Diamonds Are Forever Posters

Overview of the European posters for "Diamonds Are Forever", Artwork by Robert McGinnis. Thanks to Simon and Anders for their help and additions.

Starting with:British Quad and Double Crowns including the Marler Haley photo-montage posters.
The posters from Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Is there a version from Norway?
Diamantenfieber: German Din A1 and A0 posters. A small curiosity: One of the first print runs omitted to mention the director Guy Hamilton which was corrected by adding a sticker to the poster. Later print runs corrected this mistake.
Les Diamants Sont Eternels: French "Petit Affiche, Moyenne and Grande plus the large "8 Panneaux".
Una Cascata Di Diamanti: Italian Locandinas, 2 Foglio and the 4 Foglio consisting of two parts.Modified artwork by an unknown artist.