Goldfinger Daybill Artwork

Artwork from the original Australian Daybill poster for "Goldfinger"The art still used in the US posters was re-created as an easy-to-print illustration. Thanks to Jackson for finding this.

Italian Moonraker artwork

Artwork for "Moonraker" by the Italian artists Enzo Sciotti. Thanks to Thomas from The Nixdorf Collection for sharing this.

Newspaper Ad from Denmark

Newspaper ad for "Agent 007 Jages" (From Russia With Love) from Denmark. This is taken from the Danish press sheet.

Check out the full press sheets on Bond-O-Rama.

Spectre Artwork

Artwork for "Spectre" by Chris Malbon. Check out his work here.

Live and Let Bikini

Spanish 1 sheet poster for "007 Vive Y Deja Morir" (LIve and Let Die). Additonal clothing was added to the original artwork by McGinnis. Original as comparison on the right.

Concept Artwork by Bob Peak

Concept artwork by Bob Peak for "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Thanks to Thomas from the Nixdorf Collection for sharing these!


Wanted: Original movie poster artwork, book and magazine cover illustrations, record sleeves and any other 007 art. Please contact Thomas Nixdorf

Original Look Up Artwork by McCarthy

Original "Look Up / Jetpack" artwork by Frank McCarthy for the film "Thunderball", 91 x60 cm, casein paint on artboard. I was fortunate to view the original and the detail and craftsmanship is simply stunning. 

Book Covers from Finland

Book covers for "Live and Let Die", "Goldfinger", "Moonraker" and "Thunderball" from Finland, published by Gummerus.

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I wish all my readers and contributors a nice Christmas break and a good start for 2016!


Painted Cinema Advertising from Greece

The days of painted front-of-house advertising are over. But the tradition survived in Greece as these examples from "Skyfall" and "Spectre" illustrate. Thank to Anagnostis and the James Bond Greek Fans Community on FB for sharing this!

Spectre Artwork

Two illustrations for "Spectre" by an unknown (at least to me) artist. Thanks to Simon for finding this!

Live And Let Die RPG Artwork

Artwork for the cover of the Victory Games Role Playing Game "Live And Let Die". Artwork is not signed. Talbot? The McGinnis original as comparison. 

James Bond Fan Phenomena

"Fan Phenomena James Bond", edited by Claire Hines, Intellect Books, 2015.Claire kindly interviewed me for the book. The paperback is available here.

Casino Royale Edition from the Folio Society

Artwork by Fay Dalton for the 2015 edition of Ian Fleming's "Casino Royale", published by the Folio Society. The edition features several more illustrations.

Spectre Books and Brochures

New books and brochures for the release of "Spectre"

"Blood, Sweat and Bond - Behind the Scenes of Spectre", curated by Rankin, Dorling Kindersley 2015.
Brochure from the premiere at the Royal Albert Hall (And the event ticket)

Darwin Cooke paints Bond

James Bond homage painted by Darwin Cooke. A print is available here.

MI6 Confidential

Check out the latest issue of MI6 Confidential with a very interesting special about the artworks for "Licence To Kill". The magazine is available here.

Art Auction

James Bond artworks painted by Yves Thos. 

Thanks to Frédéric  from for sharing these!

Vargr Comic Book Covers

Cover variations for the upcoming James Bond 007 comic series "Vargr" by Dynamite, written by Warren Ellis with art by Jason Masters. The covers are created by various artists.

Bond By Design

"Bond By Design - The Art of the James Bond Films" Large format hardcover in slip case, Meg Simmonds, Dorling Kindersley 2015.

John Gardner Book Covers from Germany

The German publisher Cross Cult is reissuing all John Gardner novels with new cover artworks by Michael Gillette.

What Are These?

These Dr No / From Russia With Love Combo posters came up at an auction recently. They were described as 1965 combo posters from the UK measuring 40 x 60 inches. I've never seen them before. Anyone knows what they are?

Never Say Never again: Swedish Poster Artwork

The following images illustrate the creative process of creating artwork  for the Swedish poster for "Never Say Never Again" by artist Adrian Purkis.
1) First rough sketches to experiment with different ideas and compositions.

2) Then one idea is refined from a rough sketch to more detailed rendering.

3) These are the final black/white rendering, the full colour artwork and how it was used in the poster.

Big thanks to Thomas from The Nixdorf Collection for sharing these!

You Only Live Twice Illustration

Illustration from the weekly German magazine "Stern" for the promotion of Ian Fleming's "Du Lebst Nur Zweimal" (You Only Live Twice). Artwork by Urs Landis.

Some nerdy trivia on the side: When the first book edition of YOLT was released in Germany, it was called "James Bond Rides The Tiger".

Thanks to Thomas from the Nixdorf Collection for sharing this!

Books from Bengal

Bengali editions of James Bond books.I found these on Facebook (I believe) but do not remember the person who posted them. But: Thank you for sharing them - they are something different!

Stern Magazine

Illustration for the introduction  of Ian Fleming’s “Du Lebt Nur Zweimal” (You Only Live Twice) in the German magazine “Stern”, March 1965.

Thunderball Shop Displays

Three different shop displays from the British news agent chain WH Smith promoting merchandise for the film "Thunderball". These images come from the WH Smith inhouse promotion magazine "Contact" published in 1966. Thanks to Robin for sharing these!

Japanese Toy Camera Cover

Repainted "Look Down" Thunderball artwork used for a Japanese toy camera box.

Casino Royale Comic Strip

Original artwork by John McLusky for the comic adaptation of "Casino Royale" in the UK newspaper Daily Express. Thanks to Sebastian for sharing this!