Friday, 14 November 2008

A Young Bond

Special Agent 707 Watch Gun Toy, inspired by Thunderball, Red Box Toys 1966

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the picture of my childhood toys! Me and my brother did get one each of the 707 attache case 1967 and played with more lucky friends who had got some real 007 kits. I saved the toys and my son and daughter played with them in the late 90's, but they were not as careful as me so the toys now have disappeared.
Me and my brother created our own "agent-alias": He was 5 years old and took the very american sounding name of "Kekkan Mollson", and my (I was 2 years older) alias became "Simon Crashly" - inspired by Simon Templar, "The Saint". Many years later (1994) I started a Rockabillyband and dug up the old name, the bands name became "Simon Crashly and the Roadmasters".
Håkan Svennbeck, Sweden