Tuesday 31 December 2013

Never Say Never Again Artwork from Sweden

Swedish poster artwork for "Never Say Never Again" by Adrian Purkis. Thanks to Stephan for the quality scan!

Goldfinger Paperback

Italian paperback cover for "Goldfinger", published by Garzanti. Thanks to Lucio for sharing the scan!

The 007th Minute

"The 007th Minute" eBook by Jacques I.M. Stewart with illustrations by Heiko Baumann. The book is available here

Thanks to Heiko for sharing the illustrations!

Warhead Storyboard

Storyboard for "Warhead" which turned into "Never Say Never Again" Thanks to Joerg for finding this!

Sunday 15 December 2013

Season Greetings

I wish all contributors and readers a great Christmas and a good start for 2014. 

Peter from Illustrated 007

Book Cover Artwork from Thailand

James Bond 007 book covers from Thailand. Thanks to Rick for sharing them!

Sunday 8 December 2013

Goldfinger: Italian Artwork

Italian poster artwork for "Goldfinger" attributed to Averardo Ciriello. This was used in the 4 Foglio and Locandina poster in 1964.

Goldfinger: US Lobby Cards

 Original US lobby card set of 8 for "Goldfinger"
"Goldfinger" reissue US lobby cards "Viva James Bond" from the '70, set of 8.
MGM reissue set of 4 from 1984

Thanks to Simon for sharing the MGM cards and his collection with me.

Goldfinger: Swiss Lobby Cards

"Goldfinger" Lobby Cards from Switzerland. I found 18 so far. Maybe there are more. Big thanks to both Steve and Michael for their help and sharing their collection!

Saturday 7 December 2013

UK Lobby Cards for Goldfinger

Lobby Cards from the UK for "Goldfinger". There are 2 different sets: 8 FOH (Front of House) cards and 4 large format lobby cards. A different set in b/w was used for the reissue. Thanks to Simon for sharing his collection with me!

Goldfinger Lobby Card

Lobby cards for "Goldfinger" - possibly from Switzerland due to the dual language on the card. Does anyone know more or has the whole set? I've found these on the net a long time ago but can't remember where, thank you to the initial poster!

Dr No Paperbacks from Brasil

Paperback editions of  "O Satanico Dr No" (Dr. No) from Brasil. Book on the left is the first edition. Thanks to Marcos from James Bond Brasil for sharing it!