Monday 21 November 2011

Moving House

Short break for updates on Illustrated 007 - I'm moving house and packing the collection leaves little time for work on the blog. Back mid December.

Saturday 12 November 2011

New Young Bond Cover Art

New cover art for the Young Bond novels by Charlie Higson due be released in the UK in April 2012 by Puffin. Thanks to John for sharing this on his excellent blog "The Book Bond".

Original Colonel Sun Artwork

Original "Colonel Sun" paperback cover artwork by Andy Walker and how it's used in the Coronet paperback edition. Thanks to Thomas for sharing this, more of his original art here.

Monday 7 November 2011

Casino Royale Poster Tribute

Casino Royale poster art tribute by Jeff Chapman. I like the "From Russia With Love" feel that this artwork has. Head over to Jeff's page here.

Thunderball Artwork Tribute

My own, hand-painted Thunderball 3 sheet. Finished the "Look Up" artwork last night. Painting the stone floor on the left was a bit of a challenge as McCarthy actually painted individual stones in detail.

Progress stages below: I've started with the background colours and stone wall (left), added the exhaust smoke and stone floor (middle) and then figures and jet-pack flames.

Various Paperback Covers

Paperback covers for James Bond 007 paperbacks found on the net. Can't quite place them all, some are from Brazil, some from Scandinavia.