Sunday 26 April 2009

Dr. No Video Artwork

Artwork for "Dr No / Goldfinger" release.
Does anyone know, where this was used?

German First Paperback Editions 2

More German firsts by Phoenix / Scherz:
"Tod im Rueckspiegel" (For Your Eyes Only") 1967, serial number 24
"Riskante Geschaefte" (Octopussy & For Your Eyes Only, a mix of the short stories), 1968, serial number 43
"Der Spion der mich liebte" (The Spy Who Loved Me), 1967

"Im Dienst Ihrer Majestaet" (OHMSS), 1967, serial number 11
"Liebesgruesse aus Moskau" (From Russia With Love), 1967, serial number 1
"Du lebst nur zweimal" (You Only Live Twice), 1967, serial number 14

German First Paperback Editions 1

First German paperback editions of the Ian Fleming James Bond novels, published as "Phoenix Shocker" by Scherz.
"007 James Bond und der goldene Colt"(The Man With The Golden Gun), 1968, serial number 39
"007 James Bond jagt Dr. No" (Dr. No), 1967, serial number 17
"Auf der grichischen Spur" (Colonel Sun), Robert Markham, 1969, serial number 53

"Mondblitz" (Moonraker), 1967, serial number 20
"Goldfinger", 1967, serial number 28
"Feuerball" (Thunderball), 1967, serial number 30

Sunday 19 April 2009

You Only Live Twice Movie Tie-In

"You Only Live Twice", UK movie tie-in paperback, X434, published by Pan in 1966, 2nd printing.

Dr. No UK Movie Tie-In

"Dr. No", UK movie tie-in paperback, Pan X237, 11th printing 1963

From Russia With Love Movie Tie-In

"From Russia With Love", Ian Fleming, movie tie-in paperbacks, US Signet D2030 edition, 22nd printing and Pan UK edition,X236, 13th printing 1963.

Goldfinger Movie Tie-Ins

Goldfinger movie tie-in paperbacks, UK version by Pan (x238), 20th printing 1965 and US version by Signet D2052, 19th printing (no date provided).

Au Service Secret De Sa Majeste

"Au Service Secret De Sa Majeste" (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), James Bond 007 novel by Ian Fleming, French paperpack from the Plon Noir series 1963.

Thank you for the scan Mike!

Saturday 18 April 2009

1967 Movie Tie-In for Casino Royale

1967 Movie Tie-In paperbacks for the Feldmann version of the Casino Royale film, left: Pan edition X232, 25th Printing 1967, right: Signet edition P2724, 29th Printing.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Australian Thunderball Poster

Australian Poster for Thunderball, artist unknown - based on design by McGinnis, 1964

Tuesday 14 April 2009

On The Tracks Of 007

"On The Tracks Of 007 - A field guide to the exotic James Bond filming locations around the world", Martijn Mulder & Dirk Kloosterboer, DMD Digital 2008

James Bond Atlas

"Der grosse James Bond Atlas", Wissen Media Verlag / Bertelsmann 2008

Monday 13 April 2009

The Hildebrand Rarity in Playboy

"The Hildebrand Rarity", Ian Fleming, James Bond 007 short story published in Playboy magazine in March 1960, illustration by Allan Phillips.

Sunday 12 April 2009

Playboy - The Man With The Golden Gun - Part 4

Fourth part of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 novel "The Man With Golden Gun", US Playboy magazine, July 1965, illustration by Howard Mueller.

Playboy - The Man With The Golden Gun -Part 3

Third part of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 novel "The Man With Golden Gun", US Playboy magazine, June 1965, illustration by Howard Mueller.

Playboy - The Man With The Golden Gun -Part 2

Second part of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 novel "The Man With Golden Gun", US Playboy magazine, May 1965, illustration by Howard Mueller.

Playboy publication of The Man With The Golden Gun

Playboy released Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 novel "The Man With Golden Gun" as a 4 part serialisation in 1965. This is the first part from April 1965 with illustrations by Howard Mueller.

Thursday 9 April 2009

Moonraker - Talking Story Book

"Deluxe Talking Storybook - James Bond 007 Moonraker", comic style booklet and audio tape with a childrens version of the story, bublished by "Kid Stuff Records & Tapes Hollywood" in 1985

Swedish "For Your Eyes Only" Paperback

"Ur Dodlig Synvinkel" (For Your Eyes Only), Swedish paperback 1965

Kamrat Mordare

Swedish James Bond 007 paperback "Kamrat Mordare" (From Russia With Love), Ian Fleming, Albert Bonniers Forlag 1965.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Croatian Hardback of Quantum Of Solace

"Zrno Utjehe" (Quantum of Solace - Collection of all Ian Fleming short stories), Croatian edition, published by Algoritam in 2008

Live and Let Die Paperback from Sweden

"Leva Och Lata Do" (Live and Let Die), Ian Fleming James Bond 007 novel published in Sweden by Albert Bonniers Forlag 1965

Swedish Goldfinger Paperback

"Goldfinger" - Swedish paperback edition by Albert Bonniers Forlag 1965.

Monday 6 April 2009

Casino Royale

Swedish paperback: "Casino Royale", Ian Fleming, a Zebra Special from Albert Bonniers Forlag, 1965

Doden Spelar Falskt

Swedish paperback: "Doden Spelar Falskt" (Diamonds Are Forever), Ian Fleming, a Zebra Special by Albert Bonniers Forlag, 1965

007 Alskade Spion

Swedish paperback edition "007 Alskade Spion" (The Spy Who Loved Me), Zebra Book from Albert Bonniers Forlag, 1965

Sunday 5 April 2009

No Deals Mr. Bond

"Nichts geht mehr, Mr. Bond" (No Deals Mr. Bond), John Gardner, German paperback by Heyene 1988.

Role Of Honour

"Die Ehre des Mr. Bond" (Role of Honour), John Gardner, German Paperback by Heyne 1987

Saturday 4 April 2009

John Gardner's Scorpius

"Scorpius", James Bond novel by John Gardner, German paperback edition by Heyne 1990

James Bond Omnibus

"Ian Fleming's James Bond" - Omnibus edition containing MR, FRWL, DN, GF,TB and OHMSS, hardcover published by Chancellor Press 1994. Cover illustration by Faba

The Real 007

"El Verdadero 007" (the Real 007), Bill Wharton, Editorial Diana, Mexico 1970.
Below the same artwork for the book cover of "A Man Of Affairs". The illustrations looks pretty McGinnis to me.

Thanks to Anonymous for the comment!

Thunderball in Argosy Magazine

US magazine Argosy published an abbreviated version of Ian Fleming's novel Thunderball in December 1961 with an illustration by Gil Cohen

Ian Fleming Thriller Map

"The Ian Fleming Thriller Map" - A literary map showing all locations James Bond 007 has visited, published by Aaron Blake in 1987, illustration by John Zeleznik