Sunday 30 June 2013

For Your Eyes Only - Poster Creation

Original "For Your Eyes Only" poster artwork by Brian Bysouth for the international market. Bond and legs were painted separately from the action scenes and combined for the original artwork. Australian 1 sheet as an example how this artwork was used.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Art Tribute

Art tribute for "Live And Let Die" by Rachael Sinclair. Check out her other Bond work here.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Thunderball Popular Science Cover

Artwork by James Bama for the cover of the Thunderball Special of "Popular Science" , January 1966. Thanks to James for identifying the artist!

Illustrated Fleming

Image from the upcoming set of illustrations by Brian Berley depicting lovingly created scenes from the Ian Fleming novels. Have a look at the other Illustrated 007

Richard Chopping Tribute

Check out the Richard Chopping Tribute Covers by Tom Cull.

Saturday 15 June 2013

DR No : US Lobby Cards

US Lobby Cards for "Dr. No", original set of 8, "Viva James Bond" reissue and the 1984 MGM set of 6 cards. Thanks to Simon for sharing these!

Dr No: Italian Lobby Cards

Italian lobby cards called photobusta for "Licenza Di Uccidere" (Dr No). Original set of 10 on the top, reissue set of 8 (red and blue variation) on the bottom.

Dr No: German Lobby Cards

German lobby cards called "Aushangphotos" for "James Bond 007 jagt Dr No" (Dr No). These original lobby cards are individually hand-coloured b/w photos on heavy paper. Each lobby card is numbered and approved by the "FSK" - the German Rating Board. Some photos were not approved (15, 17 and presumably 30) due to their suggestive content. The whole set was reissued with an updated United Artists logo.

Thanks to Thomas Nixdorf for card 17, Lee and Dave from Cinema Retro for their Dr No Movie Classics magazine (Cards 15 and 30) and Thomas Wehlmann for his help clarifying the correct numbering.

Dr No: French Lobby Cards

"James Bond 007 Contre Dr. No" - Jeu de Photos, French Lobby card set reissue (top) and original (bottom).I don't know if the reissue set is complete and how the full, original set looks like. Can somebody help? Thanks.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Octopussy: Creation of a Poster

Sketches, layouts and final paintings created by Dan(iel) Goozee for the key poster art of the James Bond 007 film "Octopussy". 

Big thanks to Thomas Nixdorf for sharing these images from his collection. More of his art here.

Octopussy Book Cover Proof

Check out the new blog dedicated to the James Bond 007 book cover art by Richard Chopping: Artistic License Renewed.

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Just For Fun

Just a bit of fun combining existing Bond artwork into something new. Who recognises the sources?

Sunday 2 June 2013

Newspaper Ad from Argentina

Newspaper ad from Argentina for "Dedos de Oro" (Goldfinger).
Check out the new website by Nicolás Suszczyk and Adrián Escudero Tanús dedicated to all things Bond from Argentina: Bond en Argentina.

International Dr No Posters

International posters for "Dr No" from Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand and South Africa. Does anyone know what the format of the Japanese poster on the right is?

European Dr No Poster Overview

European posters for "Dr No". I find the variety of artwork created for the first Jamers Bond 007 movie fascinating. Also how the art and design evolved from inital release to re-release.
Although some posters look identical (Like the Italian and German posters) they all have differences. So far I found 3 variations of the original Italian Large release poster with variations in colour (Connery's face), Dear Bell logo and position of the text.

Saturday 1 June 2013

Moonraker Artwork by Robert McGinnis

James Bond 007 artwork for "Moonraker" by Robert Mcginnis. It was used for the cover of the US movie tie-in paperback published by Jove. From the collection of Thomas Nixdorf.

English Language Dr No Posters

Overview of James Bond 007 posters for "Dr No" from the US, UK and Australia.