Saturday, 8 June 2013

Octopussy: Creation of a Poster

Sketches, layouts and final paintings created by Dan(iel) Goozee for the key poster art of the James Bond 007 film "Octopussy". 

Big thanks to Thomas Nixdorf for sharing these images from his collection. More of his art here.


Anonymous said...


Never seen the coomposition bit with Adams looking more alluringly at Moore.


Dan Gale said...

Much like Ray Harryhausen's extraordinarily detailed pencil artworks which he would always dismissively refer to as 'sketches', I can't get my head around the idea that an artist has to paint things again and again when thy were fine first time round! This goes for you too Peter Lorenz! More skill and patience than I'll ever have.

Two queries here.

Tony Nourmand's book James Bond Movie Posters (2001) spells the name Gouzee, which I'm assuming is wrong (google says its Goozee which you've written).

The book also says that Renato Casaro painted the Octopussy posters. Is this incorrect, too?

Bob said...

All over the internet, you see it spelled both ways. I'll trust our expert, Mr. Lorenz, on this one.

Speaking of Harryhausen, I see that Goozee is credited with the initial Clash of the Titans poster, which I think is terrific.

Peter Lorenz said...

@ Dan: The Japanese (repainted) poster and elements in the European posters are attributed to Casaro.

@ Bob: Strictly speaking the last "e" of Goozee needs an accent mark. The the name is 100% correct ;-)