Sunday 28 February 2010

The incredible shrinking bikini

The UK and US version of Robert McGinnis "Look Out" artwork for Thunderball differ slightly: The UK version was racier than the US one.
Please click the image to see the differences (Animated GIF).

Saturday 27 February 2010

Hungarian Thunderball Edition

"Gömbvillám akció" (Thunderball), Hungarian paperback edition by Fabula Könyvkiadó 1990

You Only Live Twice Artwork

Artwork by Robert McGinnis for "You Only Live Twice". I wonder how large the original is - considering the fine details that McGinnis paints. Does anyone know how big this is?

Illustration by McGinnis

Illustration by Robert McGinnis for the James Bond Exhibition "Die Welt des 007" (The World of 007) in the Roemer- und Pelizaeus- Museum Hildesheim in Germany 1998.

Upcoming Bond Books

Upcoming Bond Books:
  1. US edition of "By Royal Command", Charlie Higson. Cover artwork by Owen Richardson
  2. Portuguese edition by publisher Contraponto for"Quantum Of Solace", cover artwork by Michael Gillette.
Thanks to the Young Bond Dossier and The Book Bond!

Chinese Raymond Benson Paperbacks

Chinese Raymond Benson Paperbacks by Homa & Sekey Books:
  1. High Time to Kill (2000)
  2. The Facts of Death (1999)
  3. Zero Minus Ten (1999)

Turkish James Bond 007 Paperbacks

Cover illustrations by Aslan Sukur for the Turkish James Bond 007 paperback editions by Tay publications 1983/84. Thanks gain to Omer from "The Figure Collector" for sharing these!

Brasilian paperback editions

Brasilian paperback editions of Ian Flemings' James Bond books:
  1. "Cassino Royale" (Casino Royale)
  2. "Os Outros que se Danem" (Live and Let Die)
  3. "O Foguete da Morte" (Moonraker)
  4. "Os Diamantes são" Eternos (Diamonds are Forever)
  5. "Chantagem Atômica" (Thunderball)
Published by Editora Civilização Brasileira in 1965. Thanks again to Beto for sharing these!

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Japanese Recod Covers

Fellow C.O.B.R.A. member David from "Permisson To Kill" posted two great record covers in his blog: "Moonraker" and "For Your Eyes Only" - both with highly unusal artwor covers.

Saturday 20 February 2010

James Bond 007 - Basic RPG

"James Bond 007 - Basic Game", Role Playing Game by Victory Games 1983.

Print ads for the release of the game

Brasilian Bond Books

Brasilian first editions of John Gardners' James Bond books: Licença Renovada (Licence Renewed), Serviços Especiais (For Special Services) Missão no Gelo (Icebreaker) Published by Editora Nova Fronteira in 1984. Thanks to Beto for sharing these!

James Bond Record Covers

EP cover illustrations for Japanese James Bond soundtrack compilation and "Spy Who Loved Me" record. Big thank you to Johan for sharing this. Check out his incredible 007 record collection on Flickr!

Sunday 14 February 2010

Midsummer Night's Doom

James Bond short story "Midsummer Night's Doom" by Raymond Benson, artwork by John Rush, Playboy January 1999.

Finish Book Covers

Finish book covers for the Raymond Benson books "A High Time To Kill" and "The Man With the Red Tatto", Javala Publishers

James Bond Bedside Companion

Raymond Benson: "The James Bond Bedside Companion - The Complete Guide To The World Of 007". Left: Hardcover edition by Boxtree Limited, 1984, middle & right: US editions by Dodd Mead / Galahad Books.

Dr No Role Playing Game

"Dr. No", Role Playing Game by Victory Games 1984, artwork by Talbot

Saturday 13 February 2010

MWGG Serialisation

Illustration for serialisation of Ian Fleming's "The Man With The Golden Gun" in Domenica Del Corriere, 18 April 1965.

Sunday 7 February 2010

Thunderball Underwater Battle Artwork

Underwater Battle / Look Down artwork variation from "Thunderball". Top one is painted by Walt Howarth, supposedly used for the UK Arrow puzzle series although I've never seen a copy. Below is the original by Frank McCarthy for comparison.

You Only Live Twice RPG

"You Only Live Twice", Role Playing Game by Victory Games 1984, box artwork by Talbot

Saturday 6 February 2010

Goldfinger Puzzle

James Bond 007 Jigsaw Puzzle by Arrow for "Goldfinger", puzzle number 3 from a series of 4. Box art by Walt Howarth.

Turkish Goldfinger Paperback Cover

"ALTINPARMAK" (Goldfinger), Ian Fleming, cover artworks by Aslan Sukur for the Turkish paperback editions by Tay publications 1983/84.

Thanks to Omer from "The Figure Collector" for sharing these!

Thursday 4 February 2010

Man With The Golden Gun Serial in Italy

Illustration for Ian Fleming's "The Man With The Golden Gun" serialisation in "Domenica Del Corriere" Magazine from Italy, 25 April 1965, illustration by Tabet