Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thunderball Underwater Battle Artwork

Underwater Battle / Look Down artwork variation from "Thunderball". Top one is painted by Walt Howarth, supposedly used for the UK Arrow puzzle series although I've never seen a copy. Below is the original by Frank McCarthy for comparison.


Jason Whiton said...

interesting! i've always loved this image.

i've posted a contest for the History of the Illustrated 007 book on spy vibe!


Anonymous said...

I've never understood why cover versions of poster artwork needs doing, especially if nothing is different. Is the original under copyright? Why is that an issue I'd they're all advertising the same film!?

007 MAGAZINE said...

The Walt Howarth artwork was used on the 'Thunderball' Tri-ang game box in the UK.

The UK Arrow jigsaw puzzle used the original underwater film artwork from 'Thunderball'.

Graham Rye
Editor & Publisher

Anonymous said...

This Walt Howarth artwork was commissioned only about 8 years ago to copy the Frank McCarthy work. It was sold completely falsely as being used on the Arrow jigsaw. Walt Howarth may have been involved in the Arrow and Triang ( retouched poster artwork) but the top image shown here is new.