Tuesday 20 May 2008

Dr No : Chilean Edition

Dr No by Albon International Inc, Panama, 1967 edition from Zig Zag

The three faces of Dr No - Coronet books

Three variations of the Dr. No edition by Coronet. No xth Printing info, only "First Published by Hodder & Stoughton in paperback in 1989.

First has a white "Ian Fleming on the cover and the number "10" on the printing page.

Second has a silver Ian Fleming and the number " 10 9 8 7" on the printing page

The Third has a new cover and "10 9" - whatever that means.

Are there any alternative covers from coronet out there?

Saturday 17 May 2008

Jove Books

Casino Royale, Jove July 1980
Live And Let Die, Jove June 1980

Diamonds Are Forever, Jove June 1981
Moonraker, Jove July 1981

Dr. No, Jove May 1980
From Russia With Love, Jove March 1980
For Your Eyes Only, June 1981
Goldfinger, Jove February 1981

Does anyone know about more books from this series?

Bantam: Goldfinger

Goldfinger: US Bantam Edition,
June 72

Illustration by Frank C. McCarthy, size 24"H x 14.75"W, medium Casein on board

Bantam: Dr. No

Dr. No: US Bantam Edition, July 71

Bantam: From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love: US Bantam Edition, May 71, second printing

Bantam: Colonel Sun

Colonel Sun: US Bantam Edition May 69

Bantam: Moonraker

Moonraker: US Bantam Edition March 73

Bantam: Casino Royale

Casino Royale US Bantam Edition May 1971

Monday 12 May 2008

You Only Live Twice: The Others

You Only Live Twice: Little Nellie

Illustration of Little Nellie from the 1967 Airfix Model box

The Original from Frank McCarthy used for the poster campaign

Monday 5 May 2008

Spot the difference

Cover for James Bond Role Playing Game
Victory Games release a set of Role Playing Game books in 1983, this is one of the first.
They used the "Spy Who Loved Me" artwork as an inspiration.

Casino Royale

"Bestsellers" Magazine 1982
The Full Casino Royale novel as a magazine sold at British news stands

Danish James Bond Cover

Fantasic Dr. No Cover from a Danish Comic.
(Thank you Johnny!)

Popular Science and Bond

Edition of "Popular Science", January 1966