Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The three faces of Dr No - Coronet books

Three variations of the Dr. No edition by Coronet. No xth Printing info, only "First Published by Hodder & Stoughton in paperback in 1989.

First has a white "Ian Fleming on the cover and the number "10" on the printing page.

Second has a silver Ian Fleming and the number " 10 9 8 7" on the printing page

The Third has a new cover and "10 9" - whatever that means.

Are there any alternative covers from coronet out there?


Anonymous said...

I think the 3rd one (knife) was withdrawn because of controversy.. Knife id pointed at the reader.

john said...

Hi there Peter
I have 2 variations of this Dr No title from coronet as well.
The Ian Fleming on the front covers of the 2 books arnt the same.
Ist book the Ian Fleming is flat printed on frontcover, print info in book is 5.

2nd book the Ian Fleming is embossed, print info in book is
These are both the standard one with the spider on the cover.
It makes you wonder how many other variations are out there.
Cheers John.