Sunday 27 April 2008

Alias James Bond - The Life Of Ian Fleming

Alias James Bond - The Life of Ian Fleming

John Pearson
Bantam Books 1967

The Spy Who Came In With The Gold

Ian Fleming: The spy who came in with the gold
A biograhy by Henry A. Zeiger
Popular Libray Toronto 1965

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Danish Bond Comics: 1973 -1975

Many of these scans are taken from the great James Bond Comic Website:
Just Johnny's James Bond Comic Website

More Danish 007 Comics 1968-1972

Sunday 20 April 2008

Bond Record Cover Art: Thunderball

A good friend of mine found this record on a flea market and scanned it for me. It's from the sixties.
I like the unusal take on the key Thunderball artworks.

Pan Covers: For your eyes only

Pan G551, Third Printing 1962, Cover by J. Oval

I'm wondering, if there is also a cover of this with the bottom bar showing the Bond head similar to the previous ones.

Pan Covers: Goldfinger

Top: G445, 6th Printing 1962, Cover by Pat Owen
Bottom: G445, First Printing 1959

Pan Cover: Dr. No

Pan G335, 4th Printing 1961
I'm still looking for edition with the yellow bar at the bottom, if anyone has it, please contact me, happy to trade o buy.

Saturday 19 April 2008

Pan Covers: From Russia With Love

Top: Pan G229, 6th Printing 1961

Bottom: Pan G229, 8th Printing 1962

Pan Covers: Diamonds Are Forever

Top: G101, 6th Printing 1961

Bottom: x235, 10 Printing 1963

Pan Covers: Moonraker G12

Top: Pan G216, 6th Printing 1961

Bottom: G216, 10th Printing 1962

James Bond Cover Art: Records

Cover illustration from an Italian record "Musiche Dai Film Di James Bond"

The credits for the illustration are " Boccadoro", released 1979.

Sunday 13 April 2008

Sean Connery in Classic Bond Pose

1 The Bond Film Festival, used for several 007 films around 1975 -
artist unknown - does somebody know, who did this?

2 You Only live twice - McGinnis 1967

3 From Russia With Love - by Renato Fratini 1963

4 Thunderball - McGinnis 1965

5 Exclusive illustration by McGinnis for a Bond exhibition
in Germany approx 1998

6 Dr No - Italian re-issue.Artist unknown.

7 Diamond Are Forever, Italian - by Averado Ciriello 1971

Early Pan Covers: The Red Spine Series

Variations of the same book.
Pan changed their cover designs slightly between 1961 and 1963.

Casino Royale
10th printing 1962, price tag 2'6

Casino Royale
12th printing 1963, price tag 3'6

Live And Let Die
GP 83, 6th printing 1961, price tag 2'6, Cover by Rex Archer

Live And Let Die
10th printing 1963, price tag 3'6

Saturday 12 April 2008

3D 007

The 3 dimensional Bond:

Illustration from James Bond Games

1 is from the game "Nightfire"

2 is from "Agent Under Fire"

3 is from "From Russia With Love"

4 is from "Everything or Nothing"

Friday 11 April 2008

Book covers: The First Pan Editions 2

The second lot of the early Pan editions.
I really love collecting these books. Despite reading them, I really like the covers and how Bond and the style changes over the years. It's like looking back into the 50ies and 60ies.

Although Bond itself is pretty timeless (Kind of always 32), his apperance changes with the times.

All thes covers are scanned from my collection.

Live and Let Die: Pan GP 83, First Printing 1957

Diamonds Are Forever: Pan G101, Second Printing 1956, Cover by Rex Archer

From Russia With Love: G229, First Printing 1959, Cover by Sam Peffer

Dr No: Pan G335, First Printing 1960, Cover by Sam Peffer

Book covers: The First Pan Editions 1

The first cover for Casino Royale is the very first paperback edition of Casino Royale, published in 1955 by Pan. The series number on the spine is "334" . Cover by Roger Hall
The cover looks so innocent and nice to me, also very American. Bond looks pretty blonde in this cover.

That was changed in the third printing of the novel 1958 (Pan G198).Cover by Sam Peffer. Now Bond looks (well more or less) like described by Fleming with the famous "black comma"

Moonraker: Pan 392, First Printing 1956, Cover by Josh Kirby

Moonraker: Pan G216, Fifth Printing 1961, Cover by Sam Peffer

Monday 7 April 2008

Book covers: The Coronet Editions - Part 2

More Coronet Books:
Books by John Gardner and Raymond Benson were done in the same design. Strangely not all of them or I simply have not found them so far.

If anyone has more editions from this series, please let me know.

Book covers: The Coronet Editions - Part 1

Starting in 1988 Corenet Books / Hodder and Stoughton re-released all Ian Fleming novels plus Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis.

I quite like this set of illustrations as they capture the spirit of the books quite well.

Saturday 5 April 2008

Art of Thunderball - Part 5

The classic Bond pose

The interesting thing about this artwork is the pose itself: It is the first time that the classic bond pose is used. In the campaigns for Dr No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger we never see the full figure. This is the first time and was used ever since.

Art of Thunderball - Part 4

Variations of the "Look Out" artwork:

1 is a concept sketch by McGinnis, note that Conery wears a scuba mask and the figures had a different position initally. This scan is taken from Thomas Nixdorf's excellent book "Licence to Thrill".

2 is the normal artwork used in all posters

3 is a rarely used illustration, it was featured in the German poster and a rare us release poster only. This scan comes from a french Sean Connery biography book.