Monday, 7 April 2008

Book covers: The Coronet Editions - Part 2

More Coronet Books:
Books by John Gardner and Raymond Benson were done in the same design. Strangely not all of them or I simply have not found them so far.

If anyone has more editions from this series, please let me know.


zencat said...

Great site!

I believe you have all the non-Fleming Coronets there. I have in my own collection an unused proof cover of GoldenEye that used this Coronet style.

Linus said...

Hi Zencat,

Thank you for your feedback, my first comment! Would you share a scan of the proof? Love to add it to the collection.



Anonymous said...

Hi Linus,
Great to see your collection on line. I also collect Bond paperbacks. Wasn't aware about the silver Ian Fleming - Dr No until now. Missed that one. Do you have any other Coronet books apart from those scanned in Coronet Editions - Part 1 and 2?, Regards Bazeer

Linus said...

Hi Bazeer,

I've got several of the Gardner / Benson Coronet editions, but they don't have the nice "James Bond" style cover. Never seen any other ones in that style but always on the lookout.Anything particular you are looking for?

Cheers, Linus

BazeerFlumore said...

Hi Linus,
I concur that there are no more non-Fleming titles in this series. I was more interested in what other Coronet Bond novels you have ie. what other series of titles. I particularly like the 3 or 4 Coronet Gardner titles with weapons on the covers. I was wondering if you have more in this series?
Regards Bazeer
ps. Did Zencat ever send a scan of the Goldeneye proof? I'd be interested to see that

Anonymous said...

There was also a Colonel Sun made for this series. Doesn't that count as non-Fleming? :)
see it here

Bond man said...

Do you know who did the artwork for Licence Renewed and For Special Services in this coronet editions

Peter Lorenz said...

@ Bond Man: Sadly not, neither the books themselves nor the internet are much help.