Sunday, 26 April 2009

German First Paperback Editions 2

More German firsts by Phoenix / Scherz:
"Tod im Rueckspiegel" (For Your Eyes Only") 1967, serial number 24
"Riskante Geschaefte" (Octopussy & For Your Eyes Only, a mix of the short stories), 1968, serial number 43
"Der Spion der mich liebte" (The Spy Who Loved Me), 1967

"Im Dienst Ihrer Majestaet" (OHMSS), 1967, serial number 11
"Liebesgruesse aus Moskau" (From Russia With Love), 1967, serial number 1
"Du lebst nur zweimal" (You Only Live Twice), 1967, serial number 14

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Anonymous said...

I think that cover on the far right is a robert mcginnis! It may be a Travis McGee novel by John D. McDonald. I'll try to find the book...I'm sure I have it.
Doug J.