Monday, 7 November 2011

Thunderball Artwork Tribute

My own, hand-painted Thunderball 3 sheet. Finished the "Look Up" artwork last night. Painting the stone floor on the left was a bit of a challenge as McCarthy actually painted individual stones in detail.

Progress stages below: I've started with the background colours and stone wall (left), added the exhaust smoke and stone floor (middle) and then figures and jet-pack flames.


Anonymous said...

great work...
but please do your own original bond art !!! like your fabulous brosnan and connery work !!!
i simply adore your blog !!!


Peter Lorenz said...

Thanks Anagnostis,

I'm still training by copying work. Got some original art in the works but the preliminary drawings are not up to scratch :-(


Dan Gale said...

When do you sleep, Lorenz? ;-)

Peter Lorenz said...

@ Dan:
Too little ;-)


mate, your thunderball work is awesome, sometimes copying work is so beneficial and satisfying, the original thunderball artwork really captured that genre with that heightened perspective and gave the artwork real movement and depth. Do what your artistic instinct tells you !!! Great work