Saturday, 7 December 2013

UK Lobby Cards for Goldfinger

Lobby Cards from the UK for "Goldfinger". There are 2 different sets: 8 FOH (Front of House) cards and 4 large format lobby cards. A different set in b/w was used for the reissue. Thanks to Simon for sharing his collection with me!


Anonymous said...

Note the b/w reissue card with Bond and Galore with the 'wall' of straw to their right.
Curiously, for the card, the image has been rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise - both characters should in fact be lying On the straw, not standing up right against it.

Anonymous said...

As for the four large format cards as depicted here, these are the standard lobby sized card of 11"x14".
This was one of only two times of this era that the UK for some reason, decided to publish their own set of four cards. The other time being Thunderball.
There is a slight caveat to this statement in that, as per a previous blog post by Peter, an unusual From Russia with Love set of an unknown quantity of lobby cards has been produced - which might have been from Ireland.

Peter Lorenz said...

Thanks Simon!