Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More Norwegian Books

James Bond og Operasjon tordensky (Thunderball), Ian Fleming, Norwegian paperback published by Dryer, 1963.

Frå Moskva med kjærleg helsing (From Russia With Love), Ian Fleming, Norwegian paperback published by Fonna, 1959

Diamanter varer evig (Diamonds Are Forever), Ian Fleming, Norwegian paperback published by Gyldendals Flaggermusboker, 1958.

James Bond og Dr. No (Dr. No), Ian Fleming, Norwegian paperback published by Dryer 1964.


Jacques Layani said...

I like very much the illustrated covers of the fifties and the sixties. They are very nice and full of imagination. The drawing style is one time realistic (Dr No), other time humoristic (From Russia With Love). Today, it will be impossible, I think, to sell a book with a dramatic theme and a humoristic cover. It was easy to do in these years and it’s pleasant to see these paperbacks, today.

Nevertheless, these seven covers are very different. Casino Royale, for example, shows a scene of the novel : Vesper’s kidnapping after Bond has taken all Le Chiffre’s money. Live And Let Die : the dance in chapter “Table Z”. From Russia With Love is a general illustration : a woman and a gun. It’s possible to do such a draw for any title.

Sorry for my bad English.

Jason Whiton said...

I'm enjoying catching up with your site. Great collection! Have you posted Japanese covers? I sold a small batch of them to Spy Guise in the 90s and still miss the books :) I've added a link to you (OK?) on my website and blog, Spy Vibe.
Best, -Jason