Saturday, 20 March 2010

Tribute to McGinnis

Tribute to McGinnis' Thunderball artwork. I couldn't resist trying it again. I'm working on a larger scale now in A2 and learn a lot about the way the picture is composed and created. With every version I'm getting a bit closer.


Dion Hamill said...

WOW! Really nice work, keep on painting!

Leighton Johns said...

Yes, very nice. Good of you to show us your working method too. Do you know what size Mcginnis worked at?

Peter Lorenz said...

Hi Leighton,

I've read somewhere that the original of the Beach scene was painted in oversized A2 by McGinnis so I've tried the same. How he manages to paint realistic eyes that are smaller than a head of a match is still a mystery to me ;-)