Sunday, 4 April 2010

OHMSS artist Yves Thos

Artwork by the French Artist Yves Thos for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". This artwork was mainly used in non-english speaking countries in Europe for posters.

Thanks to James for finding this!


zencat said...

Always loved this image.

John Mannering said...
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John Mannering said...

This illustration was also in the gatefold of the first LP release of the soundtrack. Superb image of Lazenby's James Bond. Unbelievable to think it was 41 years ago!!

007 Collectors said...

Is the original work or is it a sign? There is a painting on canvas that we call a pre-model by artist Yves Thos. Unfortunately this work was sold by the French illustrator in the 80s, when exposed on film. If anyone has found this painting, it would be interesting to have a picture to our site Association 007 Collectors.
Thank you all.