Sunday, 18 July 2010

French Paperback Editions

1960 paperback edition of Ian Fleming's "Dr No" by Presses Internationales, France.

Paperback edition of "Diamonds Are Forever" -"Les diamants sont éternels", Bragelonne 2010, a new French translation by Pierre Pevel.


Anonymous said...

French Dr No is very very rare! Great cover.

Anonymous said...

These French covers from 2010 are great: a subtle cross over from films to books (generic enough to be any reader's Bond, obvious enough to be based on Daniel Craig's silohuette in Casino Royale's titles). And themed! The UK covers are often far too generic. I'd prefer to see these French covers in the UK over the awful library pictures used for the Penguin Modern Classic.

Perry said...

I though the Ian Fleming novel we know as "Diamonds are Forever" was
called Chaud Les Glacons where the novalization for the movie was
Les Diamants Sont éternels

Kevin Collette said...

There wasn't any french novelisation of D.A.F . That first stupid French translation dated back to the late 50s ( when Gallimard decided to first publish the novels . Moonraker was also re titled ' Entourloupe dans l'Azimut ' ... ) . When the rights went to another publishing house ( Les Presses de la Cité / PLON ) they wisely choosed to faifhfully translate the original titles .