Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tribute Art

Tribute poster artwork for Goldfinger and Dr No by Jason Chalker. Check out his work here.


John said...

Very nice but why is it that no Yank can ever spell In Fleming's name correctly? They are littered with other typos too... very lazy - how difficult is it to spell check?

Dan Gale said...

These are terrific, a very simple yet effective style. Selling mistakes are easily fixed. "Albert F. Broccoli" was probably Harry Saltzman's nickname for him, with the F standing for... "Film producer" :)

Jason Chalker said...

@John- Apparently the Brits can't spell it either. "In" Fleming? :)

For what it's worth, These were just self assigned design exercises. I noticed the Fleming typos the next day. If I had replaced it, all the links to it would've been broken. If I decide to make prints, the typos will be corrected.

@Dan- Thank you!

John Mannering said...

These are superb Jason. I always love it when someone creates alternative Bond posters. These capture the feel of poster design from the early sixties very nicely. I especially love the "Dr. No" one and I feel it actually surpasses the original. One suggestion, I would have put the "Dr. No" title in the palm of the hand in white to tighten the graphic even more for example:
Hope you don't mind me tweaking your original.
You did a superb job, and if you are selling prints, let me know.

Jason Chalker said...

@John M- Thank you for the kind words.

I don't mind at all. It's an excellent suggestion. I would have to move Ian Fleming's name also, to help keep the design balanced, but I think it would work.

Anonymous said...

Interesting designs rather spoiled by sloppy spelling, but most definitely NOT James Bond!

Graham Rye
Editor & Designer