Monday, 26 November 2012

Airfix Artwork

Box artwork concept for the 1966 Airfix Aston Martin. Gouache and ink, 13x18 inch. This image and a lot of other James Bond items go on auction mid December from the auction house "Profiles In  History"


demcees said...

pleased to see you noticed my collection - appreciated thanks

Anonymous said...

as much as I would like to add original Bond toy box art to my collection but the estimate for this piece is very high.... Regards, Thomas Nixdorf

demcees said...

it is very high but then so was the near 3 million for the car itself and other Airfix artwork is selling for more than this estimate now so as a one off piece ..... Lets wait and see how others view item and what they bid to
Respect to your collection Thomas

Dave Smith ( demcees )