Saturday, 10 November 2012

James Bond Poster & Photo Exhibition Catalogue

Pages from the exhibition catalogue "Bond,... James Bond - Filmplakate und Fotografien aus fuenfzig Jahren". 

The catalogue is filled with new and unseen artwork (at least for me) from McGinnis, Peak and many others. There are also rare posters from all over the world from the collection of Thomas Nixdorf collection and rare photos from the collection of Robert Ganz. Catalogue is available here.


David Morefield said...

Actually quite interested in this, but I'm afraid I'll get lost trying to navigate the purchase process in German. Wonder what the chances are it'll show up at

Taylor Camp said...

if you are interested in James Bond art, you'll love Ken Adam, the original production designer of the first 007 films. really interesting guy:

PoorMansJB said...

I entered my eddress and password for the US site, hit 1-Click and it went through no problem! (I recently did the same thing on the UK site so I had a sense it might work; took German in HS and could work out enough by context so understand what to click, etc.)