Saturday, 29 December 2012

Turkish You Only Live Twice Poster

Turkish poster for "Insan Iki Kere Yasar" (You Only Live Twice) re-using artwork from the movie "Deadlier Than The Male".


Bob said...

Ah, wishful thinking. If we only could have had Elke Sommer in one of those early Bond films.

Dan Gale said...

Someone in Turkey would have a shock seeing that poster, turning up to see the film only to realise the only tall statuesque blonde in You Only Live Twice is a bloke called Hans :)

Morten said...

There is another Bond connection with the poster for Deadlier than the Male. In the Japanese version you can see Richard Johnson standing behind a huge chess piece. The same statue/chess piece was used in Scaramangas playhouse in The Man with the Golden Gun. Both films were made at Pinewood Studios. Part of the whole chess set , made of fiberglass was later used as garden gnomes in the garden at Pinewood. They were last seen overgrown somewhere on the lot.

Dan Gale said...


I went to the 1990 Bond Fan Club Convention that Graham Rye organised at Pinewood. Those chess pieces were dotted around then, I had my picture taken in front of one.
I also have a photo of a very weird looking cross legged stone (fiberglass?) demon statue which I later found out was a prop from Ridley Scott's Legend: it was lying sideways behind a wire fence, slowely mouldering. I guess these things just become part of the furniture in a place like Pinewood.