Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mystery Card

Mystery lobby card for "From Russia With Love". Does anyone know where this card was used? The "A" after the title suggest an origin in the UK or Ireland. Also the re-touched version of Daniela Bianchi on the left. Any thoughts?

Thanks to Simon for sharing this!


Anonymous said...

Given it has an 'A' certificate it is going to be either UK or Ireland.

Simon said...

Hi - 'Simon' here.
My thoughts are Irish - the touching up to the girl's dress is printed on as opposed to being painted - as was the case with the posters. This to me would suggest immediate access to the Irish poster.
I would love to know its origin, and also how many cards were in the set.
There were also UK lobby card sets for Goldfinger and Thunderball - but these were of four cards per set. A minor precedent perhaps for Anglo cards when production was US based at the time.

Anonymous said...

Another card with the same artwork border & colors was listed on eBay several years ago and was listed as 'South America'. The scene featured the SPECTRE training school. Several South American countries also use 'A' as a film rating but usually material is titled in Spanish
steve ox