Monday, 6 May 2013

Richard Chopping Artwork

Main artwork and variations of the book cover for "From Russia With Love" by Richard Chopping. First UK edition cover on the left, on the right: US first hardcover, UK book club edition, colour trial, Dutch hardcover, US paperback and unused cover art by Kenneth Lewis. 

Thanks to Tom for his help, check out his Richard Chopping tribute page.


teeritz said...

I've always loved Chopping's work and recently bought a US 1st edition of "From Russia, With Love" with what I thought was the original dust jacket. I didn't read the (very) fine print in the eBay listing which stated that it was a reprinted facsimile. I wouldn't really have minded so much, but the colours were slightly washed out on this reprint. That's what bugged me.
I also tried to have a shot at making my own Chopping-styled book cover. It almost worked;

007InVT said...

@Teeritz - This is splendid!

Bravo for attempting a Chopping style cover.

Have you thought about trying your hand at say the new William Boyd 'Solo' cover, which is incredibly boring.

teeritz said...

I can't draw a straight line to save my life. I wanted to add something more to the cover, but I knew it wasn't going to scan properly. Thanks for the kind words.