Sunday, 20 April 2014

OHMSS US Posters

Overview of US posters for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" From the half sheet up to the 24 sheet. I've never seen the 24 sheet nor the subway or 30 x 40. Do they exist?


Anonymous said...

The advance 1-sheet with the GP rating is a paste over. The original rating was M, but later changed in favor of the GP ratings. A simple snipe was printed and pasted onto the poster. Some military 1-sheets from this time have the same snipe.

I'm pretty certain 30x40's were printed, but have not seen them. I have never seen a subway poster for it either, so I'm not sure they exist.

Peter Lorenz said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Dan Gale said...

Indeed the original trailer says 'rated M' at the end (for Mature Audiences), a rating which vanished but eventually resurfaced as the PG13 (US) and 12A (UK).

Hiroki said...


I have a 24-sheet. So it does exist. I've seen 30x40 copies some times before. So it also exists. Unfortunately I don't own one.

I heard from a collector there is no US subway posters for this title. And I myself haven't seen a copy.