Friday, 11 April 2008

Book covers: The First Pan Editions 2

The second lot of the early Pan editions.
I really love collecting these books. Despite reading them, I really like the covers and how Bond and the style changes over the years. It's like looking back into the 50ies and 60ies.

Although Bond itself is pretty timeless (Kind of always 32), his apperance changes with the times.

All thes covers are scanned from my collection.

Live and Let Die: Pan GP 83, First Printing 1957

Diamonds Are Forever: Pan G101, Second Printing 1956, Cover by Rex Archer

From Russia With Love: G229, First Printing 1959, Cover by Sam Peffer

Dr No: Pan G335, First Printing 1960, Cover by Sam Peffer


Anonymous said...


I have seen variations of these 4 great pans without the 2'6" price.

Which ones are the "true" first editions - the ones with or without the price?



Linus said...

Hi Dennis,
Good question, I have first editions with and without the printed 2'6 on the cover. Some have a sticker with the price, older ones are black, newer ones are yellow. Example: the second printing of DAF comes with a black sticker, first edition of Dr No comnes with the pricde printed. I suspect, that the the Pans printed before 1957 come without, anything after that with price.



Anonymous said...

Hello Linus

i have the dr no pan g335 first edition and the from russia with love pan g229 second editon, where would i find out the value of these...i would really appreciate your help. thanks


Linus said...

Hi Dan,

Depends a bit on the condition: If the copies do not show fading or creases both books value around £15-25. Prices for these editions vary a lot, a good indicator is eBay, I've seen copies go for less but also seen copies in shops for more.

Hope this helps a bit,