Sunday, 7 October 2012

License To Kill Poster Concepts

Poster concepts for "License To Kill" attributed to Vic Fair. These images are taken form the book "James Bond - 50 Years Of Movie Posters" by Dorling Kindersley.


Anonymous said...

The boat one is the most likely, not unlike the AVTAK Golden Gate artwork, a strangely place wide angle lens view amidst the action. Such a shame they didn't pin down what they wanted earlier and they had to rush the end result.

Dan Gale
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Tanner said...

It's amazing that LTK appears to have had one of the most creative publicity development of any of the Bond movies (judging from art provided in these poster books), and yet ended up with such a lackluster campaign! It's a shame none of these were used. The last one, with the iguana, would have been awesome, but I really would have loved to see that middle one with the boat finished. Weird that it looks like Talisa with him on the boat rather than Carey though.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

I think simply showing the iguana on the PPK would have been great.