Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New US Paperback Covers

The US publisher Thomas & Mercer is issuing new paperback editions of the Ian Fleming novels in October 2012, here are the covers:


Anonymous said...

These are abstract to the point of absurdity. I quite like them for that reason. Individually, though, the designs don't mean a thing. What is FYEO's cover supposed to be?

Dan Gale
Whose amazing iphone4S iOS6 update prevents him from giving his name and website on this blog. Sort it out Apple/Blogger!

phil said...

not as great as the classic Pan editions from the 60's, or Peffs artwork of the 50's - maybe i'm getting old, but it seems these days the presentation of the book is becoming less important..

Anonymous said...

No. Sorry. Just sad. No skill at all involved here except perhaps the skill of the artist to bamboozle others into thinking this is worthwhile. Bet it was really cheap though, compared to actual art.