Saturday, 1 June 2013

Moonraker Artwork by Robert McGinnis

James Bond 007 artwork for "Moonraker" by Robert Mcginnis. It was used for the cover of the US movie tie-in paperback published by Jove. From the collection of Thomas Nixdorf.


1st james bond movie said...

This was one of the best movie of 1979.

Can you imagine to make such kind of movie before 30 years with so many spacecraft and all.

Imagination is at best I must say.

Keir said...

Can't find Never Say Never on the list of link son the right, but have a look at this Japanese ad from that time:

Peter Lorenz said...

Hi Keir, I have removed NSNA and the 1967 CR from this blog and focussed on the EON productions only. Great NSNA poster though, never seen it before. Peter

Dan Gale said...

I can only imagine the disappointment the artist must feel when he sees most of his work has been cropped off the final book cover! That's several days he'll never get back!