Saturday, 20 September 2014

US Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

US Lobby card set of 8 for "Diamonds Are Forever"
There are 2 different sets, it appears that one is for the US market with NSS text and Broccoli mentioned in the producers credit first while the other set mentions Saltzman first.
Mini Lobby Card set of 8 which also exits in 2 variations.
Reissue set of 5 cards (?) for the 1984 MGM re-release.


Simon said...

As a result of finding there are three lobby sets for DAF, a bit of blurb from an essay I have compiled on the lobby cards.

"There are three sets for Diamonds, and two for LALD and Golden Gun; the standard American NSS set, labeled as Western Hemi(sphere), and an international set, labeled as Eastern Hemi(sphere) with no Guidance Rating, no NSS information, and the Broccoli and Saltzman credit reversed to read Saltzman first, then Broccoli. The latter were printed for the international markets and the 1 Sheet posters for these three films followed the same segregation of Hemispheres. One can tell that this entailed a resetting as, while the images are the same, they are slightly offset from their equivalent card. The history behind this contractual move was that the two producers decided from the start to share top producer billing so Dr. No and From Russia with Love had Saltzman as the first name credited on the US and European posters and Goldfinger had Broccolis' name first.

After the success of this decision, they decided to divide the production credits and entered into a contractual agreement for top billing, and so were created the Hemi's - they divided the world into hemispheres. Saltzman took the East Hemisphere and Broccoli took the West Hemisphere translating into Saltzman getting the European countries and Broccoli getting the Americas. The first poster to showcase the division was Thunderball although this never made it to the lobby cards.

Referencing the previously mentioned third lobby set for Diamonds, there is some conjecture as to whether there has been a re-release set for this film, or if the printing duties at the time of the main release were simply shared between two unions. The Eastern Hemi set appears to have been printed by two separate unions, namely the GAU (Graphic Arts International Union) and LPIU (Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union. A printing company that was organized would be authorized to use the union “bug,” which may also be referred to as “union logo,” to signify that the material was printed in a union shop. A union bug was, and still is, the property of a union, and not the company. To this end, one lobby set carries the GAU printer union logo which can be seen as a circle next to the "Litho in U.S.A", while the other set carries the LPIU printer union logo, which is diamond shaped.

LPIU became GAU in September of 1972. It is highly possible that, since the film was released in December of 1971, these cards were just later printings for the first release of film. What seems to support this is that the Live and Let Die Western and Eastern Hemi sets also sport differing union logos. Perhaps though, this lobby set anomaly is only for the Grand Panjamdram of all worldly archivists."

I wasn't aware of the two sets for the Colour Still set.

And there are definitely just five cards for the 1980's release MGM set.

Simon said...

I also wonder now if the Colour Still sets for LALD and GG also come in two variations.

This is because the Lobby Card sets were printed with both East and West Hemi credits flipped.

Anyone aware?

For my part, I only have the three Still sets in question in US format complete with NSS info.