Saturday, 27 September 2014

US Lobby Card Update

Update for the US "Diamonds Are Forever" Lobby Cards: There are 3 different variations of the cards which differ in the producers credit and the white strip at the bottom. I've read somewhere that the cards were re-released in the 80s but I have no idea which is which.

Thanks to Simon for sharing the third card and his knowledge with me!


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if any of them is from the 80s, it must be the first one with A.B. taking over from Saltzman...

Simon said...

For my part, I don't believe any of the sets are from the 80's. More likely the variations are due only to a change of Printers.

As for the 'A.B. taking over from H.S.' comment, this split share was embedded in lobby cards for the sets from DAF, LALD and Gg - all in the 70's. And Harry exited the Bond frame altogether in '75.

To be frank, the 80's query comes only from who have made the statement surrounding the possible 80's release. Personally, I don't hold much faith in this statement even though their accuracy for all else is second to none.

An 80's set of five cards for DAF was released, but as part of the aborted MGM festival. There wouldn't have been any other reason for a re-release set.