Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Illustrated 007

This blog is dedicated to the artwork and illustrations of James Bond in books, magazines and posters. Especially the strange bits and pieces, that are not published often or the plain nerdy things like the differences between book printing 1 and 7...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Linus,

Great blog. It's fascinating how cover art has evolved over the years.

A question on the illustartion by McGinnis of Bond and Domino (from Thunderball) underwater. Where did you find it and was it ever used in any poster or other promotional material?

Many thanks,


Linus said...

Hi Dennis, thank you for your feedback :-)

This picture is scanned from the Cinefantastique magazine special about James Bond posters. The Only variation I've seen in print is the Thunderball anniversary poster in one of my later posts.



dan gale said...

This is a cool blog. You've saved me having to create one, I've been after a source that would show all the Bond paperback books and their variations. Collecting them can be a nightmare when you don't know how many were printed in each set or which are more valuable, rare, specific to a country than others. So thank you and, with input from others with access to a scanner (ie. not me!) I hope you keep it up.

Linus said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the feedback. I had the same problem when I bought most of my books: I was never sure, if it was the rifgt one. More scans to come, just the sacnning and montaging them together takes a bit, weekend job.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks from spain...