Saturday, 14 June 2008

Thunderball Souvenir Brochures - 1

1) The Incredible World Of Thunderball, Corgi in Arrangement with Mervyn Brodie & Associates, 1965
2) 007 Japanese Brochure
3) Thunderball - Program Publishing Company New York, 1965


Peter said...

I have a Thunderball souvenir progamme from a charity premiere held on 19th Feb 1966 from the Odeon theatre Leeds. A4 size. Was taken to see the film as a 7th birthday treat. Is it collectable?

Linus said...

Hi Peter,

Does it show the "Look Out" scene (Connery and girls) on top and the jetpack/underwater scene below on the cover? A similar item fetched about £50-60 on eBay lately. Sadly I didn't win it. If it is the same: I would say it's collectible :-)