Sunday, 27 July 2008

Goldfinger - Jonathan Cape

Goldfinger, Ian Fleming, Jonathan Cape, Third Impression 1960

First Edition:
Title: Goldfinger
Author: Ian Fleming
Publisher: Jonathan Cape, London
Publication Date: 23rd March 1959
Copies Published: 24,000
Price: 15s. net.
Book: Black cloth, gilt lettering, skull with gold coins embossed on front board, 318 pages
Title Page: "First Published 1959/© 1959 by Glidrose Productions Ltd.", no mention of subsequent printings, bottom of page shows printing credits "The Alden Press".
Dust Jacket: Design by Richard Chopping

Uncorrected Proof by Cape
Goldfinger was first published in the US by Macmillan using the same cover artwork as the UK but with the Macmillan name on the spine.