Saturday, 9 August 2008

Thunderball Comics

Danish Comic, Interpress 1966
Chilean Comic, Zig Zag 1970


Anarkángel said...

The comic isn't argentinian. Is chilean. The Zig Zag editorial, from Chile, published in the sixties and early seventies.

I can send you some scans.

great site!!

Linus said...

Hi Anarkangel,

Thank you for the info, it's corrected now! Yes, I love more scans, always on the lookout to complete the collection. My email is Let me know, if you are looking for something, happy to help!



Siggi said...

Would love to see that thunderball comic!
Already looked out on the internet, but no luck...
Is there a site where I can actually see it?

Any help much appreciated!

Gr├╝sse aus Bremen!

Peter Lorenz said...

@ Siggi: Sadly none that I'm aware of :-(