Saturday, 20 September 2008

First Editon: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

This information was kindly provided by Charles from the CommanderBondNet Forum, excellent full article here:

1) Jonathan Cape uncorrected proof with proof dust wrapper.A small number were printed compared with 45,000 of the regular trade edition.There are textual differences from the regular first edition (sometimes brand names were different, grammar & spellings not corrected, etc.) The proof dust wrapper has the same Richard Chopping artwork on the front but a different back than the regular edition.

2) OHMSS Jonathan Cape limited signed edition. This is different in many ways to the trade edition. It wasn’t issued with a printed dust jacket, just a glassine one. Thicker paper, different spine, this edition includes the Amherst-Villiers full color portrait of Fleming inside. 250 numbered copies signed by Fleming, 43 copies un-numbered.

3) OHMSS Jonathan Cape first edition. 45,000 printed. Regular trade edition. Published April 1, 1963. Dust jacket by Richard Chopping, Amherst-Villiers portrait in black and white on back flap.