Sunday, 17 May 2009

Goldfinger Puzzle

Goldfinger Jigsaw Puzzle published by Milton Bradley in 1964. Thanks to Sherri & Neal for sendung this nice scan to me.


Len said...

Hello. I have a question about James Bond Goldfinger puzzles. I had one as a kid (mid 60's) that was my first big puzzle. It was a big scene taking place in the Fort Knox vault with Odd Job fighting Bond, the nuclear bomb and a whole bunch of other stuff in the picture. It seems to me that this was a Milton Bradley puzzle. I have searched periodically for several years without coming across a single one. The "Fort Knox Finale" versions I see are far less interesting. Mine was a 600 piece puzzle. I remember it well because I assembled it a couple times. Why can't I find this one? And why did my mom get rid of it?
Thanks. Len

Peter Lorenz said...

Hello Len,

I've never seen that Puzzle myself or heard of it. Would love to see it!


Peter Lorenz said...

Update: Found a picture of the puzzle, will post it soon!