Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Who did what?

My favourite James Bond marketing campaign is still Thunderball – illustrated by Frank McCarthy and Robert E. McGinnis. Here a little overview of who did what:
Frank McCarthy:
1) "Look Down / Underwater Battle"

2) "Look Up" variation / 50 anniversary
3) "LookUp / Jetpack"

Robert E. McGinnis:
4) "Massage Table"
5) "Classic Bond Pose"
6) "Look Out / 007 & Girls"
7) "Bond & Domino"
8) "Beach Scene"

Big thanks to Thomas Nixdorf from the Robert McGinnis Hollywood Edition for his help.


Anonymous said...

Beach scene illustrated by Robert McGinnis and the underwater kissing scene as well - both auctioned in the past years and clearly identified as "vintage McGinnis" !

Thomas Nixdorf

Linus said...

Thanks Thomas!

Anonymous said...

Hi; anyone knows how to get a hires image of the underwater kissing scene?
I want to use it as wallpaper.