Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bond Bound - Ian Fleming And The Art Of Cover Design

"Bond Bound - Ian Fleming And The Art Of Cover Design", published by the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation 2008, with essays by Bill Smith, Henry Chancellor, Alan Powers, Kate Grimond and Selina Skipwith.


Dan said...

An interesting book with some very rare pictures but some odd inclusions and exclusions. The awful Coronet 1988 brightly coloured panelled editions are ALL included when they all look the same but the 1990's Coronet editions with the more interesting, varied David Scutt illustrations are completely ignored.

Anonymous said...

Can this only be found on Ebay at this point?

RANDYW said...

I found a trade paperback on for $19.99 +$3.99 S&H. It hasn't arrived as yet but I hope to get it soon.
There is a copy of the book in hardcover listed on by they want $80. + S&H for it.