Monday, 31 May 2010

The Original Titan Comic Releases

Titan Books released a first set of James Bond Comics in the late 80ies:
  1. "The Living Daylights", Titan Books 1987, cover art by Dave Mckean
  2. "Octopussy", Titan Books 1988, cover art by Dave Mckean
  3. "Casino Royale", Titan Books 1990, cover art by Paul Johnson
  4. "The Spy Who Loved Me", Titan Books 1998, cover art by Kyle Baker

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Leighton Johns said...

I had the two books with the Dave McKean covers when they were published and loved them. Its difficult to tell on the image here but on 'The Living Daylights' cover I'm pretty sure thats Sean Connery's eye peering through the top left hand window.