Sunday, 20 June 2010

James Bond in Saga Magazine

Cover of Saga Magazine from July 1964 featuring a story about "Goldfinger".

Art by Barye Phillips

Thanks to Johny from "Una Plaga De Espias" for sharing this!


zencat said...

Wow. Fantastic artwork. I've never seen this,

Johny Malone said...

The Cover is of Stan Klimley! A copy sold on Ebay: Maybe someone of us can buy!

hmssweblog said...

Spectacular! I was going to guess Neal Adams till I caught the signature in the bottom right corner. Thanks to all for digging this up and posting.

Rich said...

Looks like the legendary Steve Holland modeled for James Bond. You'll recognize him on thousands of paperback covers after a while. Holland was the model for the DOC SAVAGE adventure series of paperbacks.