Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hungarian Thunderball Paperback

Hungarian paperback version of Ian Fleming's "SZIGORUAN BIZALMAS" (Thunderball), published in Israel in 1964.


Kevin Collette said...

Strange to use a FRWL poster for another title ! But ,heck , we've seen worst , haven't we ?

Dan Gale said...

That is the scrummy Martine Beswick stretched across the cover, isn't it?

István said...

Well, it's interesting. The first hungarian language Bond-novel (in Hungary) was Goldfinger from 1989. But now I realized, that the very first hungarian language Bond-novel published in Israel 47 years ago! Wow! By the way, the hungarian title SZIGORÚAN BIZALMAS literally means TOP SECRET, and another oddity, that SZIGORÚAN BIZALMAS is the official hungarian title of the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Bond-movie (premiered only on VHS in the late 1980's in Hungary).