Sunday, 21 August 2011

007 Art by Adam Hughes

Bond girl sketches by Adam Hughes. From the private collection of Michel Oachs, check out his page here.


Anonymous said...

I'd say the Major Amasova is very good and the Honey Ryder is OK. Have to admit that while I'm a fan of Adam Hughes, I thought his Domino was actually Onatopp - looks more like Famke Janssen.

David said...

With the possible exception of Anya, I don't think any of them look like the actresses (if that was even the goal). But they all look beautiful, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't even know this had been posted on here. Hi, I'm the owner of these sketches and in response to the two previous posts I'd like to add that the Honey Ryder was a free sketch that Adam did for me and it took him a total of 10 minutes to draw it. Normally, Adam did head sketches for free at this time, but he quickly added a body as there was no one else hanging about at the time (hard to believe). I think it's pretty remarkable for how little time he spent on it. His Domino sketch was intentionally drawn a bit cartoonish and that shows here. Adam did, in fact, get Domino's swimsuit spot on, and if you ask me that makes it a dead give away in my book. No confusing that with Onatopp. Don't you all remember every Bond Girl's swimsuit. ;)

Peter Lorenz said...

Hello Michael,

Usually I ask for permission before I post other peoples work, sorry if I didn't contact you (Thought i did) Thank you for your background information on these!