Friday, 30 September 2011

Thunderball Art Tribute

I've set myself the goal to reproduce all Thunderball artworks using the same materials, colours and (almost) the same formats. Just finished the Thunderball "Look Down" artwork based on Frank McCarthy's original. Sadly my digital camera does not capture the details too well, scan shows the face a bit better. Below a work-in-progress version without the air bubbles and the diver still as a sketch. Frank McCarthy's original for comparison below.


Keir said...

THIS is what should feature on Criterion laser disks! (Compare with its Dr. No)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is great! Would love to see what you can do with my favourite, the OHMSS poster

Please let EON have you make the poster for the next film.

Pete Emslie said...

Really terrific painting, Peter! You seem to really have a handle on using gouache well - a tricky paint to work with. I'm curious - what sort of illustration board are you using?

Peter Lorenz said...

Hi Pete,

I'm using Daler Rowney artboard. It's like thick cardboard and does take gouache well. I did struggle with gouache in the beginning but now I like it, especially as it allows me get closer to the original style.


Dan Gale said...

It appears the next film is likely to be called Skyfall if rumours (caused by the bulk buying of website names by Sony) are correct. That's all you need, start drawing! You have until Sept 2012...
I've liked the last few posters but if ever they're going to so a retro poster it should be the 50th anniversary.

Jason Whiton said...


-jason (spy vibe)

pat said...

Wonderful recreation Peter!
Love it.
What's the size?
I always thought the Mcarthy originals were quite large, did you recreated in the same size of the original?
Again, great work Peter!

Peter Lorenz said...

Hi Pat,

the size is 80x60cm on artboard. McCarthy's work is usually a bit larger but not a lot. I'd love to get my hand on a photo of that orginal to check how it really looks.


Scotty Phillips said...

Sweet!!! really nice re-creation. I think you have it down. what kind of Gouache paints are you using?

I have done a few re-creations with oil paint..I have always wanted to play with some gouache paints, just didn't know what kind to get.

those will look nice framed and hanging.

Peter Lorenz said...

Hi Scotty,

I'm using mainly Windsor & Newton gouache, worked well for me. I took me some time to get used to gouache. I like that I can always change and over-paint stuff but blending is a real hassle.


Scotty Phillips said...

thanks for your reply.
I a going to look into getting some of those paints.

congrats on your move!