Monday, 12 March 2012

From Russia With Love Laserdisc Artwork

Cover artwork for the RCA CED laserdisc edition of "From Russia With Love". Thanks to Carl for sharing the scan!


Anonymous said...

I realize I am being a bit picky here but an RCA CED disc is not a laserdisc. A laserdisc uses technology similar to an oversized DVD. The RCA CED disc was a video version of the traditional record player album. CED stands for Capacitance Electronic Disc and instead of a laser, the medium was read with a stylus. The format died shortly after being commercially released.

Dan Gale said...

I have also seen similar artwork for Dr.No so I assume that was also released in this format and I can confirm Goldfinger was as my friend's Dad owned a copy on that format. You played it just like a normal LP on this huge wooden beast of a unit. I remember it used to stutter and skip, especially during the loud parts of the film. The man being thrown off the stairs in Fort Knox by Oddjob resulted in an unintentionally humourous feat that defied physics as the man fell, then unfell, then fell again, several times on his way down. Not a great format but we wouldn't have blu-ray without it!