Sunday, 3 March 2013

Poster and lobby card designs for the 1965/66 combo release of "Dr No" and "From Russia With Love"
Update: Just received a variation of the yellow quad poster, thanks Simon!

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Bob said...

I remember my first Bond film I saw at the theaters was Goldfinger during Christmas/New Years week. For a 12 year old boy, the film had a lasting impression. The following summer, the theaters brought back the double bill of Dr No and From Russia With Love. The end of that year we then had the arrival of Thunderball. What a memorable 12 months of Bond.

Since then, I've read all the Fleming novels and unfortunately all of the other "Bond" books authored by others. Continually listen to all the Barry soundtracks. Educated my sons on the Bond universe.

With the success of Skyfall and wonderful blogs like this one, I'm very happy that the Bond universe has been an important part of my life.