Sunday, 7 April 2013

Audio Book Cover Artwork

Cover artwork for kids audio books. Thanks to Scott for sharing these!


Jason Whiton said...

i have the Moonraker record :)
-jason (Spy Vibe)

David Morefield said...

I don't know what's worse; that Bond would resort to shooting Joe Stalin in the back, or that he would miss the shot from only five feet away.

Also not clear on why Joe's trying to shove the paint roller down that slot.

Tanner said...

There were supposed to be two more of those Adventure Storybooks. I don't think they were ever released, but some were printed--though they may have just been galleys. I remember the artist or writer was selling them at a SpyFi convention in New York in '95, and in retrospect I wish I'd bought them! I think I bought Stormbringer from him there, and got the other published one at a later date.