Sunday, 21 July 2013

From Russia With Love Video Artwork

Artwork used for various video and lasedisc editions of  "From Russia With Love". Original photo as comparison. Does anyone know who the artist is?


ScorpioSteele said...

The laserdisc sleeve itself says the "design" is by Beth Dorfman. Whether she is the artist I'm not certain, though you can get a "BD" out of that signature, though to me it looks more like a "JD". Here is *A* graphic designer named Beth Dorfman's LinkedIn account in case you wish to ask her. The timeline would seem to fit her painting the laserdisc sleeves right out of art school:

Dan Gale said...

The effort shown in this terrific laserdisc illustration makes the current blu-ray cover seem anaemic in comparison!

Still, at least it's not a white background (ie the default setting on photoshop)!